Regardless of what method you would like to use when training your kid for the potty, the potty training chair is needed. The potty training chair is one indispensable piece, especially if your child is not big enough to use the toilet. Just as potty training stickers and charts are motivating for the child, so can the potty chair be. While potty training, there are a whole array of products you can use like the potty training dolls, the potty pants, seats, urinals, books, DVDs, and charts.

All of them differ and are made special and appealing both for you and for the child. This variety is the result of understanding that children have different personalities and require various methods and products.

The potty training chair may have the same old function, and it may come in various shapes and sizes. The first type of potty chair that is simply functional is the inflatable one. It is great to use whatever the location is, and it can be one of the best solutions, especially if the parents and the child are traveling.

It takes up little space when not inflated, and it can also be inflated fast. Another similar type of potty training chair is the one for travel. It is light and small, and it usually has disposable bags. It is easy to take while on the road, and if the child announces he needs to go potty, simply stop the car and have the child use it.

Another famous type of potty training chair is the wooden one. Most parents have grown up with it at a very young age. Today it is much more appealing than it used to be. The bowl under the seat can, of course, be removed, and it usually has side pockets for placing the toilet paper or toys. Taking into account that some children are afraid to sit on the regular toilet, this type of chair is good as it looks friendlier, and is adapted to the child’s height and needs.

Another interesting and practical type of potty training chair is the multifunctional one. It can serve as a potty chair or as a step stool for the kid. It is also useful for the mother while bathing the child as she can sit on it because it has a lid to cover the potty place.

Last but not least, there is one more potty training chair that appeals a great deal to children, and that is the musical one. It comes with many buttons the child can push, and noise or animal sounds can be heard. Music can also be played by this potty training chair and some models may also render specific sounds associated with potty training, like flushing the toilet, hissing, and so on.