Many parents have encountered potty training problems. There is no method the in a guaranteed manner works with all children regardless of age and character. That is why there are many methods that parents can resort to. Some require a longer time, while others promise success in as fast as three days or even only in one day. For the shorter time methods, it is more likely that there will be more potty training problems than with longer time methods, especially if you do not go about the specific method as it is specifically required.

Many potty training problems appear because the parent does not have sufficient time to dedicate to this stage of the child’s life. It is natural for the child to pose some resistance to using the potty, especially if the child has been wearing diapers for some time. Parents now have to understand that they have to fight an old habit and then instate a new one in its place. If patience is not one of the strong points of the parent and pressure is put on the child, then it is likely that there will appear some potty training problems.

Other potty training problems arise from the fact that the child presents resistance to going potty. It might be because of fear of the toilet seat, so one good suggestion is to buy a potty seat or a potty chair. This way, you will ask the child to perform a new task using something more appropriate for his age and height. Resistance can also emerge on the part of the child because you have used deadlines and have already made a lot of fuss about the accidents the child has had in his pants.

It is more important than the child should remember how much you insisted on the potty than on the accident. So, a good tip would be not to set any deadlines for the child and not to create agitation having accidents as starting points for it.

Potty training problems may also appear because your child is not motivated enough. Try to identify what the child enjoys most and then use that as a reward for him the first time he goes potty either helped by you or on his own. The reward will teach him that the potty is a good way of getting what he likes, and he will surely repeat the potty going. Children learn very fast and are very good at getting what they want. It is only the method of getting what they want that you have to suggest to them.

Whatever potty training problems might come up during this training, be sure there are solutions for them. Books and guides for parents are helpful in understanding where you may have gone wrong about the training and may help you correct that behavior.