Potty training your child can be quite a stressful task for both the parent and the kid. Therefore, specialists and doctors have tried to come up with various methods to simplify the task and make it more enjoyable. The amount of time that a child needs to potty train is also an aspect that concerns many parents as they would like to achieve potty success as fast as possible. So here comes potty training in one day for you.

This method, potty training in one day, is very much searched for and well known. Some are very skeptical about it and are reluctant to even try it, believing it might stress the child. But the method takes the form of nice activity, even a game if you want. It relies heavily on role-playing, and as we know, children are very fond of role-playing. They do this very often, pretending to be someone they are not. So, with the potty training in the one-day method, you can have your child be a parent who wants to teach his doll/kid how to go potty. The trick is that by teaching a doll, the child will learn how to go potty theoretically.

The first stage of potty training in one day involves having a doll the can wet. First of all, you have the child teach the doll how to use the potty. The doll will have underwear, and your child will learn and show the doll how to pull the underwear down and sit on the potty. When the doll has gone potty, you and your child can have a party for the doll. If the doll is in the center of attention throughout this party, the child will understand that using the potty is a good thing for which you can be rewarded.

The next step in potty training in one day is to do away with the diapers. Just like the doll wears big children’s underwear, so should your kid. Tell him that it is important for him to be like the doll and be a big kid. Then you are supposed to offer your child and have him drink as many liquids as possible.

The purpose behind all this is to get him to go potty as many times as possible during this potty training in one day. In case he wets his pants because he has not asked to go potty, then you can make him go and sit on the potty several times. When he has gone potty successfully, you can throw a party for your child and make him be the center of attention.
All in all, potty training in one day is ideal for any parent. In case this method is not successful, there is no loss whatsoever. The worst thing, you would have played a game with your child in which he was at least introduced to the concept of potty going.